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XLR8 Classes WC 18th May and 121 Personal Training

Hi Team,

First of all I hope you all had a good weekend and you were able to enjoy the weather. I wanted to just send out an update on what I want to slowly implement with the next couple of weeks. -



First of all, the easy bit is to explain what we will be focusing on the next 8 weeks of Zoom XLR8 Classes.

9am and 6pm

🏋️‍♂️ Monday and Wednesday will be working on Upper body.

🏋️‍♀️ Tuesday and Thursday will be lower body.

Saturday 8am is a FREE Total Body Workout.

I like to make my classes focused on a goal during the 8 week block, the last block was on Push-Ups, the next block we are going to work on lunges and giant sets with Upper body.

👀 Each class will begin with a warm up, specific focus training, explaining the movements for the workout, the workout; and then finish with Midline/Stretching.



Over next week I will be getting in contact with my clients to see if there are interested in continuing their Personal Training from my garage and local field.

This hasn't been a quick decision for me to make, I have thought about everything to make it as safe as possible. The garage and the kit will be all clean and set up for the workout that is planned for that day.

I will be prioritising my current clients at the start but will be accepting new clients when I have sorted out my calendar. If you are interested in 121 and you are a new client, shoot me an 📧 to

I'm looking forward to working with you guys again in person. I also currently offer all my Personal Training services through Skype, this can be an option for you.

If you don't know what would be best for you, get in touch and I can give you a call and talk about the options.

Hope to see or talk to you soon

Declan Ward

Personal Trainer

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