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Classes Resuming in September

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

I have been given the green light to start up a class at the sport centre, a majority of my clients have been waiting a while for this day and we have the first step.

It's going to be a slow progress to getting back to 4-6 sessions a week but the Sport Centre needs to know if the class is going to be an asset to the class timetable.

The first session back is the favourite (😉) Saturday 4th September 8am. This will be at Norton Sport Centre and will be in a large studio, access to changing rooms and equipment.

What you can do for me is register your interest in the session through me or the sport centre. It isn't bookable yet on the system as its still a couple of weeks away, but the confirmation of good numbers will keep and progress the RETURN OF XLR8.

If you are a non member and the news of the classes returning want you to join, use Dragonfly Website to sign up and also download their app to book classes and gym sessions.

Any other questions, please ask.

See you soon,