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I got some news for you

Evening team,

I wanted to send a little update on what I'm offering at the moment.

One to One Personal Training:

I am still offering one to one personal training for my clients and potential new clients at my home gym and now, taking clients to Snap Fitness Radstock. I have had a number of clients that are not ready to make the move back to the gym, which is fine, and i am happy to maintain the sessions in my home gym until they are ready.

Zoom Classes:

My classes are running throughout the week, i had to take a couple of attempts to work out a good timetable, but i think i got there in the end. You can attend unlimited classes for £25/month, which is nearly £1 a session if my maths if correct. These classes are great for any level of participant and it is programmed with and without equipment.

Online Personal Training (Forward Active Programming):

Over the lockdown period i have had an increase of clients looking for accountability with their training away from the gym, including training programs, nutrition support and daily targets. This service starts from £14.95/month.

Snap Workout Classes:

Classes have started again back at Snap Fitness, Monday and Tuesday 6:30am and 8:30am, which is the reason for the gap for the Zoom classes. These are social distanced classes, only allowing room for 6 participants and myself. These classes are 30 minutes long and i will be keeping these constantly varied.

I am planning on increasing my social media presence as well with more post on fitness, nutrition and advice. If you have any suggestions for posts, please forward them over to me through my social media accounts or on