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Another Year Over

Happy Friday Everyone!

What a year!

We are not done yet but i got to say, this has been an interesting one. I have seen small businesses going through it all, being one myself i have felt bad for those that have struggled but have enjoyed most adapt and overcome. This year has hopefully shown a lot of people what is important, to have a happy, positive and rewarding life. When you were struggling and going through a tough time, what were the steps/resources you used to keep you moving?

Buying "stuff" didn't help, locking myself in and doing nothing help and being a victim wouldn't of got me through the tough months. The people i have in my life with work, community and family/friends got me through. As a team with WardActive, we powered through with online classes, outdoor sessions and looked after each other when we needed that extra support. I would have doubts in myself, i was worried i wasn't providing enough for my clients, i put things in place but always thought there was something more i could be doing. That was me mixing up with what i thought people needed and what my clients really had to have in place to keep going. Rather than worrying more, i reached out to some clients and found that the community and services put in place were plenty. If i had continued to always put myself down and also set my limits way too high, during the time we were having, i think i would of started to look for another career, its crazy even writing that down.

What i'm getting at after this blog update is that, i hope during this year you have worked out what is good for and who is good for you. If the mental circumstances continues or doesn't, you will be able to overcome anything with the right answers to the toughest scenarios.

I cant thank my clients (ex/current), friends, family enough for the support this year. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year, but we are not done. See you in the gym.

Your friendly neighborhood Personal Trainer


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