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Paternity Leave Plan

Happy Sunday Team,

As most of you are aware, Bec and I are expecting our baby boy at the end of June. With the both of us being self employed, we have worked our butts off to get us into a position where Bec can take the time off to spend the rest of the year with Baby Ward.

Paternity Leave Phase (2 Weeks) (online support only)

50% Workload Phase (2 Weeks): Reduced sessions each week.

I am planning on having two complete weeks of no work, from the date of the birth of Baby Ward, After the initial two weeks, I would like to come back to work at a 50% work load for two weeks, which means clients that I see for multiple sessions a week, will reduce to one session a week. This will give myself some head space getting back into work and being available for any parent duties.

We really appreciate the support Bec and myself have been given so far and we both can't wait to become parents.

Thank you

Dec and Bec


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