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Outdoor Personal Training Sessions

Morning Team,

I just wanted to send out a post saying i am beginning to do 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions with current and new clients. I have put this off in the past down to how i felt about the quality of the service i would be able to provide. After some planning and working out all of the rules ect, i am going to provide sessions outside in public spaces.

For current clients who have an already purchased block of sessions, you can use these in exchange for the outdoor sessions. I do have a good amount of clients but some have made the temporary moved on to Virtual Classes/ Online Personal Training, this means i can be flexible with our sessions. As well as most people, i am not fan of mental rain and downpours, so a rescheduled session isn't the end of the world. The client i will come up with a target of sessions of week, usually two sessions a week, these sessions will be completed with the first scheduled time in mind; but can be rescheduled if the weather is not enjoyable to be in. Light rain is still good to go.

I am flexible with the travel for these sessions as well, i will come to a public space near where you life and bring plenty of gym equipment to reenact a workout training session in the gym. I live in the Westfield area and there are basketball courts, car parks, running tracks and even outdoor gyms to be used for our sessions.

My prices for these outdoor personal training sessions are as follows:

Personal Training Session Only: £35

8 Block Personal Training Sessions Only: £200 (£25/session)

8 Block Personal Training Sessions

Transformation App (Forward Active)

Home Workouts including different equipment

Nutrition Tracker

Join a motivated group of clients to discuss workout ideas and challenges.

£240 (£30/session)

If you are interested or need more information then please contact me through social media (Wardactive), email or call me on 07802748318.

Hope to hear from you soon

Declan Ward

Personal Trainer

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